From self trained artist, to having a respected name synonymous with her industry of choice – Cemcrete, Viv Lovell Harris started out like all self motivated artists – at home. Growing up in the Umhlanga region of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Viv began with clothing design, consequently moving onto fashion fabrics. Stirred by a passion for paint techniques, she unleashed herself on her own home. Clients were intrigued and the commissions to redecorate and technique other peoples homes poured in. Then came the discovery of her natural affinity for decorative concrete.

Specialising in Cemcrete’s wall and floor products, Viv has unarguably established herself as a leading applicator of this art form in South Africa. Landmark projects like Ushaka Marine World, Sibiya Casino and Monte Casino, to name a few, have all fallen under her spell. Her name is well respected in the industry. Clients include JT Ross, Stocks &Stocks and WBHO. Viv has expanded the use of this medium to include breathtaking mosaics and grand mirrors, among other art pieces.

Viv’s broad vision, depth of creativity, crafted skills and attention to detail constantly push the boundaries of the industry, creating new & dazzling ways to make her work her own. Painting beautiful paintings using diverse methods and mediums, incorporating bead work and crystals, her artwork has captured the hearts of many clients, friends and family. So whether it be the use of Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones into walls and floors or other forms of artwork, Viv’s passion and her skill, work hand in hand. One might consider this rare in an age of mass production and the impersonal corporate work product.

Client satisfaction is entwined in Viv’s sense of dignity in her own work. Her refreshing ability to interpret a client’s vision and incorporate her own signature without losing focus on her client’s requirements, ensures that her involvement in any project leaves both the client and herself with a lasting sense of achievement. Hence the pursuit of maintaining integrity of design and not compromising from the concept phase to end product delivery, Cherubinos stands out as the choice of company for any remodelling project.

Most of the staff have been with Viv for 11 years using the time to hone their craftsmanship to a notably polished and professional level creating a chain of strong links in the chain of creativity and production.

Viv resides in Kyalami, Johannesburg , She has a son and two daughters as well as four beautiful grandchildren whom she absolutely adores.