Cretecare Mop&Shine

Floor care: How to treat your floors

The CreteCare Mop&Shine can be used on all previously unpolished concrete floors as well as water-resistant floor coverings such as vinyl, PVC, linoleum, rubber, parquet, natural and artificial stone. So if your home has multiple forms of flooring, you only need one product to keep maintain and even enhance them. Furthermore, the Mop&Shine can be applied as a maintenance cleaner and gloss restorer on all surfaces that have been treated with acrylic polymer. It can also be applied to the floor surface using a mopping system, and can then be buffed after drying to further enhance the gloss.

And for your straight up concrete floors (a beautiful addition to the modern and urbane home), try theCreteCare Polish, which is an easy-to-apply polish that protects concrete floors, gives them a glossy quality, and is extremely hard-wearing. CreteCare Polish is a state-of-the-art product with low ammonia and a high gloss retention that will protect your floors from heel marks, slipping and increase ware-resistance.

If you have recently built or renovated your home, one of the first considerations post-construction is how to treat the structure, more specifically, for walls and floors. When it comes to floor care, Cemcretehas a range of truly marvelous products for application, ranging from leveling compounds right through to floor coverings and polishes for that sparkling final touch.

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