Cretecare polish

Step 1: Level the floor

Cemcrete’s floor leveling compound is a cement-based mixture with very carefully-controlled setting, hardening, adhesive and self-leveling qualities. It’s as simple as mixing the product with water and then applying it to the concrete floors. This then produces a 2.5mm smooth and ridge-free layer that won’t crack. It also won’t be affected by rising damp.

Step 2: decide on a floor covering

This step depends entirely on you, and options provided by Cemcrete allow you an array of choices. You could, for instance, use the CreteStain product, which is a permanent concrete stain that can be used to create either solid colours or even colour variations. This interesting product works by having special chemicals combined with the cement or concrete and colour on the surface. The CreteCote product is a coloured, cement-based floor covering which is versatile, durable and waterproof. This CreteCote works by producing a smooth 1.5mm decorative finish which can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. It can also be used on smooth wood-floated concrete floor slabs or screeds. FloorCrete is another option, which is a self-levelling floor covering which can also be applied to wood-floated concrete floor slabs or screeds, except it produces a 2mm decorative layer. FloorCrete is for interior application only. The ColourCem product is also available for application, and is used to create coloured plaster and provides rich textures. It strength is your primary consideration; ColourCem is the product for you.

Step 3: Use the right polish

In order to ensure longevity of your new floor, you’ll need to purchase a CreteCare product fromCemcrete. The CreteCare range includes the CreteCare Polish, which is an easy-to-apply high-glass protective polish for concrete floors. It also prevents damage from black heel marks, slipping, and wear and tear, as well as negating the damage some detergents can have on your floors. The CreteCare Mop and Shine is a self-shining, wax-based, manual floor maintenance cleaner for all water-resistant floorcoverings.

Whichever application you choose for your floors, Cemcrete has a solution for you that will ensure modern, sophisticated and enduring floors.

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