Underfloor Heating – Is cement cold?

One of the most common questions posed towards the use of cement in homes or businesses is: “Is cement cold?”
When it comes to insulation, cement actually has some extremely valuable properties which can aid and assist temperature regulation indoors.

Cement has an extremely high thermal mass, which means that it can easily store temperature. It is therefore good at absorbing and retaining heat during the day, and radiating it out at night when temperatures fall. On summer days, it can absorb heat from surrounding air and keep your home cooler. In winter, using heaters in a room of cement based coatings, means that once the heater is turned off, the heat is stored in the coating for some time which lowers the usage of heating units and thus saves electricity. Due to the smooth, sleek surface of cement based coatings, other insulating items such as throw rugs and larger carpets can be used as not only extra heat insulation, but also add a changeable stylish element to your interior design.

When it comes to summer seasons, cement based coatings are extremely popular, due to their cool nature and fresh aesthetic. Cement can easily maintain the cooler temperature’s indoors without the aid of other elements such as air conditioning. Cemcrete’s extensive range of Cement based products have many valuable and desirable properties that extend beyond their use in changing seasons.

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